Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Can sidewalk sections be lifted to prevent trip hazards?

A: Yes! Lifting of sidewalks to prevent trip hazards with polyurethane foam is cheaper than replacement.

Repaired Driveway 500 x 400

Q: If there are trees next to the sidewalk can it still be lifted?

A: Depending on the situation, most sidewalk panels can be lifted. They cannot be lowered so we would match the surrounding panels to the highest to create a walking path.


Q: Can cracked sidewalk panels be lifted?

A: Depending on the amount of cracking we have been successful lifting cracked panels in the past.


Q: Is concrete lifting cost efficient for large neighborhood areas?

A: Yes, we work with HOA’s in different communities to repair sidewalks and ramps. HOA’s receive priority scheduling. The polyurethane lifts and travels to the joints between to fill and seal those joints.


Q: Do you offer a warranty?

A: We offer a free 2-Year Limited Warranty.