Foundation Repair

Many homes in and around the Houston area are susceptible to foundations issues.

Fixing Cracked and Sinking Concrete Foundations

There are many reasons why a foundation can sink, crack, lift, and even fall apart. Depending on the age of the structure and the construction methods practiced at the time of build, there are remedies that can help lift and support the structure.

Ro-Berg Void Fill 600 x 450
Home House Foundation 300 x 400

A common practice is segmented piers. These are the concrete cylindrical tubes that are driven into the ground using a hydraulic jack and the weight of the house. You may notice these crews spending a week on your neighbor’s house digging huge holes around the foundation spaced out and hauling off the dirt that was removed. Interior piers will require the company to cut 3’x3’ holes in your floors and concrete to dig that dirt out. This dirt is wheeled out of your home and is typically a messy process but necessary to install the piers.

The best option is using polyurethane injections to lift and support the house foundation. There is no need to dig huge holes, destroy landscaping or cut large holes into your floors and foundation. The process is very simple with a low impact to your finishes.

Step one: A hole or series of holes are drilled along the exterior walls of your home. These holes are the size of a dime.

Step two: An injection port is installed, and foam is injected under the house foundation. The foam spreads under the slab and begins to expand. This process is conducted until the polyurethane foam has compacted the soil under the house and begins to lift the structure.

Step three: Once the foundation has reached its final elevation, the holes in the concrete are patched.

Sounds easy, right? You may be wondering, “How long is this process?” In most cases it takes only one day to lift and support a house foundation. Because each foundation need is different this length can vary.