Are You In Need Of Concrete Driveway Repairs?

Ro-Berg Concrete Repair Specialist of Alvin can help bring life back into your sinking and cracked concrete. You don’t have to just live with concrete issues anymore. 

Is your concrete driveway sinking and cracking?

Concrete driveway cracking is a common issue depending on the engineering of the driveway, it could be a certain thickness, reinforced with heavy or light gauge steel, have installed expansion joints, or as a solid slab. The reason that the construction is so different from builder to builder is based on what the requirements at the time of permitting allowed or required. Regardless of construction most driveways in the Texas Gulf Coast region tend to lift, sink, crack and separate.

Repaired Driveway 500 x 400
Repaired Driveway 400 x 500

Replacing your existing driveway can be costly, troublesome, and expensive. The problem with replacing sinking concrete is that the concrete is not the issue, it’s the soil or tree roots surrounding the area. After replacing the driveway within a couple of years or less you may end up with the same problems. A faster, cleaner, and cheaper alternative to replacement is to have your driveway lifted by using polyurethane injections.

The process is simple. A dime size hole is drilled in the concrete at strategic locations and polyurethane foam is injected under the slab. This foam spreads to fill voids and then expands to lift the concrete. Once the concrete is lifted, the holes are patched with a cement patching material. The process typically takes from four to eight hours depending on the size of the driveway and the amount of lift it will require.

The foam, while expanding, will push up on the concrete and down on the soil. If the soil is weak it will continue to push down and compact the soil until it is strong enough to lift the weight of the concrete. The foam will remain under the concrete until the concrete is removed. Prevention of water intrusion is critical so the soil under the foam does not erode. Homeowners should attempt to point down spouts away from the edges or joints of the driveway.

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Driveway being lifted using our system