Pool Deck Repair

Pools require maintenance but most neglect to maintain the surrounding areas.

Common Pool Deck Repairs

Pool deck repairs may be needed if you notice cracks in the concrete and areas sinking or holding water. Ro-Berg offers pool deck repairs that you can count on. Leaking pipes and erosion can cause cracking and sinking. At no fault of the homeowner subsurface (mostly sand) is installed before the concrete deck is poured but over time washes away. Sand on top of clay with water intrusion creates a condition where concrete will become unsupported and start to crack and sink.

Pool Deck
Pool Deck 300 x 500

Polyurethane is a great product in inject under the slab to lift because it is closed cell and displaces the water. Hydro-foam will combine and lift even in conditions where the material will be under water. Lift and level your concrete pool deck is cheaper than replacement, faster than replacement, and much cleaner than replacement. 

Ro-Berg understands the need to protect the surrounding environments and your investment. Replacement of the pool deck can be a messy task that will have your pool out of use for a few days. Performing pool deck repairs such as lifting and leveling your existing concrete you can use your pool as soon as the process is complete. We drill smaller than a dime size hole in the top o the concrete and inject polyurethane foam which spreads under the concrete and then begins to gently lift the concrete back into place.

Typical pool deck repairs only take a few hours and once the holes are patched, you can hardly tell that any holes were drilled. Ro-Berg also offers joint sealant services and concrete sealing to extend the lift your for pool deck. Free estimates are provided for the solution of your concrete repair needs backed by a 2 year warranty. Ro-Berg has helped numerous pool owners by providing solutions to these issues.