Sea Wall Repair

Also known as bulkheads, these walls are vertical structures that provide resistance from waves to prevent erosion.

Sea Wall Repair Near Me

Waterfront property is a great investment and a luxury to have. Sea wall repairs must be conducted over time to increase the longevity of the wall. There is a lot of pressure pushing against the wall and after rains and time there is an equal amount of force applied from the house side of the wall. Ro-Berg provides inspections of sea walls and nine times out of ten we encounter voids behind the wall. Walkways and concrete pool decks that are installed next to the wall will show signs of cracking and sinking. If you notice cracking or your concrete becomes uneven at the joints, you need to call Ro-Berg LLC for a free inspection.

Sea Wall 300 x 500

Ro-Berg provides a solution that can seal the cracks in the sea wall, lift your sinking concrete into place and fill the voids from the tides erosion. The longer you wait to address the issue the more extensive the se wall repairs will be. We have become the areas expert in seal wall and bulkhead repair. We have worked hand in hand with engineers and homeowners to create a repair plan that is effective and cost efficient. We use the best closed cell foam on the market. Around water we use a 4lb Hydrofoam that doesn’t break down or absorb water. 

Protect your investment and keep an eye out for the following signs:

  1. Sinking yard next to the se wall.
  2. Visible cracks in the seawall.
  3. Voids under the concrete when looking into the concrete joints.
  4. Missing joint sealant, cracking in concrete.
  5. Small cracks that have gotten bigger over time.
  6. Sea wall is starting to lean.

Ro-Berg has provided repairs to Galveston, Tiki Island, Bayou Vista, Port Bolivar, and Crystal Beach. We provide a free estimate, quick repairs, and a two-year warranty. Give us a call today!

Polyurethane foam is a versatile and durable material that has many benefits when it comes to fixing sea walls. One of the main advantages of using polyurethane foam is its high strength-to-weight ratio. This means that it can withstand significant amounts of pressure and weight, while still being lightweight and easy to handle.

Another benefit of polyurethane foam is its ability to conform to the shape of the sea wall and fill any gaps or cracks. This makes it an ideal material for fixing sea walls that have been damaged by erosion, storms, or other forms of wear and tear. The foam can be applied directly to the surface of the sea wall, creating a tight seal that will prevent further damage.

In addition to its strength and flexibility, polyurethane foam is also highly resistant to water and other forms of moisture. This makes it an excellent choice for sea walls, as it will not be affected by the constant exposure to salt water and waves.

Another great benefit of using polyurethane foam for fixing sea walls is that it is a cost-effective solution. It is relatively inexpensive compared to other materials, such as concrete or steel, and can be easily applied by a professional contractor such as Ro-Berg Concrete Repair Specialist.

Polyurethane foam is an environmentally friendly solution, as it is a low-impact material that does not require the use of heavy machinery or other forms of heavy equipment. This makes it an ideal choice for sea walls in sensitive coastal environments, where minimizing damage to the natural ecosystem is a top priority.

Polyurethane foam is a highly effective, cost-efficient and environmentally friendly solution for fixing sea walls. Its strength, flexibility, water-resistance, and easy application make it an ideal choice for a wide range of sea wall repair projects.

Sea Wall Repair