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Pool Decks

Q: What is causing the concrete around my pool to sink?

A: Depending on the current conditions there could be a few possible reasons for the concrete to sink around a pool.

  • Water intrusion. Not having sealed expansion joints allow water under the concrete washing out the soil.
  • Leaking pipes. If you have a leak, even a slow leak, the water can be washing the soil from under the concrete.

Poor compaction. We see this 75% of the time. It tends to be the concrete this is only 2 to 3 feet wide on the back side of the pool. When the pool was built concrete contractors use sand as fill under the concrete. That sand washes away over time, or near by landscaping allows for the sand to wash away.

Repaired Driveway 500 x 400

Q: We have a stamped concrete around the pool that is sinking. What will the patch look like?

A: We carry colors to add to the concrete patch material. During the estimate we will make the notes about the color and once the job is accepted, we will ensure the color is on hand.


Q: How long does it take to lift a pool deck?

A: Depending on the lifting needs a patio can be lifted and ready for use in a couple of hours.


Q: After we have the pool deck repaired, when can we use the pool?

A: You can use the pool 15 minutes after we have completed the service.


Q: Do you offer a warranty?

A: We offer a free 2-Year Limited Warranty.