Commercial Concrete Repair

Ro-Berg Concrete Repair is a commercial foundation repair company serving the Greater Houston and surrounding areas. As a Specialty Concrete Contractor, Ro-Berg LLC provides solutions to the commercial markets. Property Managers, Facility Managers, General Contractors, Concrete Contractors, Investors and Real Estate Agents all benefit from the services that Ro-Berg provides. Ro-Berg does what it takes to meet your schedule and constraints. Ro-Berg can meet all the insurance requirements, is OSHA30 trained, and adheres to a strict safety program.

Scope of Work

Why Choose Ro-Berg?

  • Void Fill
  • Sidewalk Lifting
  • Parking Lot Lifting
  • Foundation Lifting
  • Housekeeping Pad Lifting
  • Machine Vibration Control
  • Trip Hazard Elimination
  • ADA adjustments to elevations
  • Bulkhead Crack Sealant
  • Meets insurance requirements
  • Excellent Safety Record
  • Priority Scheduling
  • No additional charges for after hours work
  • Active members of the AGC and ABC.
  • Provides submittals
  • Access to Engineering and Chemist (If required)
  • Cheaper and Faster than Replacement!!!!

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We serve Houston and the surrounding area (Offices in Alvin)