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From the Spanish word patio, meaning back garden or back yard, we use them if not weekly then daily.

More About Patios

Regardless, if the patio is freestanding or attached, U-shaped or L-Shaped, multilevel, entry or wraparound they do tend to settle over time. Expansive soils mixed with rain or trees and bushes planted near by may cause your refuge of enjoyment to sink and settle.

Ro-Berg Void Fill 600 x 450
Repaired Patio 400 x 500

Ro-Berg uses a 4LBS foam to lift and level all patios and decks. By using a higher quality than the industry standard our foam provides a longer spread time and even lifting. A typical patio in the Gulf Coast region would have furniture, a fireplace or fire pit, a grill, and multiple potted plants, which all add a significant amount of weight to the structure. By using a D.O.T strength foam Ro-Berg can lift and level with peace of mind that you will be happy with the final product for years to come.

Ro-Berg works with the homeowner to provide cost and time saving solutions. Call today to schedule your free patio repair estimate.