Municipal Concrete Repairs in Alvin & Pearland, TX

Municipal Concrete Repairs in Alvin & Pearland, TX

Many Texas cities do not have the necessary funds to maintain and repair existing sidewalks or streets. The State of Texas has a set guideline to impose a special sales tax that will not exceed 2% that can only be used for maintaining existing roads and sidewalks. Taxpayers want to ensure that their collected taxes are used in the most efficient and beneficial ways.

In most cases, cities do not have the elected special tax and they must rely on a budget that does not necessarily maintain roads and sidewalks but resolve major road issues. By using polyurethane to adjust grading issues and achieving the ADA standard cities can save money, time, and heartache.

Ro-Berg LLC understands the needs for mobility that not only caters to a select few but providing mobility to everyone. Polyurethane lifting is ½ the price of replacement. Instead of removing sections of sidewalks that are not within the ADA standard, Ro-Berg LLC can adjust the sidewalk sections to be within ADA standards with only a small impact of down time. Saving money and time for the taxpayer.

Roads that hold water can cause structural issues over time. These concrete roads that need the slope adjusted for drainage are great candidates for polyurethane lifting. On average, lifting the roads are a fraction of the cost of replacement. Average down time for section of roadway that is being replaced is 1 week. This week of down time will require traffic control engineering and a vast amount of coordination for city planners and project managers. Ro-Berg LLC on average would only require 8 hours or less of down time to inject the area. Once the injection process is completed, traffic can resume as intended within 45 minutes of job completion.

Ro-Berg LLC works hand in hand with cities to develop an ADA Transition Plan: planning and scheduling concrete lifting, budget, pedestrian safety, and preconstruction.

  • ½ the price as replacement
  • 2 Year Limited Warranty
  • ADA corrections
  • No charge for after-hours work
  • 2 Million Dollar Policy Holder
  • DOT approved polyurethane
  • Lift and adjust slope on roads to drain water