Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the foam last?

The foam will last the life of the structure if not exposed to UV rays or chemical.

How long does it take to lift my concrete?

Depending on the size, location, and amount of lifting; the average time for a project is 4 hours.

When can I park my cars back in my driveway?

We ask that you wait :45 mins to use your driveway. That allows the concrete patch to cure a little bit.

How much does it cost to left and level my driveway?

Cost depends on the size and the amount of lift that your concrete needs. The rule of thumb is to be ½ the cost of replacement.

Can all concrete be lifted?

Most all concrete can be lifted. If the concrete is to broke up or areas are too high to match we will identify those areas to you and explain our findings.

Do I need to present when you come out to measure for a bid?

No, 80% of property owners are not home at the time of bid.

Will my concrete shift again once my concrete is lifted?

Your concrete may shift, Water intrusion, erosion, or tree roots can cause further issues if they are not addressed.

Do you offer a warranty?

Yes, Ro-Berg LLC offers a Limited 2-year warranty. Any movement over ½ inch will be lifted and adjusted within the 2 years period by using the same port locations.

Are there any maintenance requirements?

We recommend that all joints and cracks are sealed. Down spouts are extended or turned away from the concrete. Trees and bushes are planted away from the edge of the concrete.

Can you lift a house using foam?


We had our home lifted with concrete piers and now our sidewalks and driveway are sinking and leaning towards our home.

This is very common after concrete piers are installed. The voids from being lifted with the piers creates a void and the soil erodes from underneath the driveway and sidewalks and travels to the voids under the home. Polyurethane would be the best product to use.