Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Can polyurethane injections replace pressed piers?

A: Depending on the soils and method of injection polyurethane can be used under the slab and in the soil using our Deep Foam Injection process.

Repaired Driveway 500 x 400

Q: We had piers installed around our house and the driveway/patio/sidewalks do not align anymore. Can we have the surrounding concrete lifted?

A: Absolutely! It is very common for homeowners to reach out to us after piers have been installed.


Q: We were quoted for piers, exterior and interior, can we use foam on the interior and do piers on the exterior?

A: Yes, we have worked with foundation companies in the past and instead of cutting holes in your slab inside your house we only require a 5/8” hole to be drilled. Its much cleaner and faster.


Q: We had our house leveled with piers and now we have voids under our slab. Can foam be installed to fill those voids?

A: Yes. We provide void fill solutions.


Q: Do you offer a warranty?

A: We offer a free 2-Year Limited Warranty.